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A List of Apps and Software that I Use

Earlier this month, I wrote a description of the devices I use and I how I use them. I am well aware there are numerous blog posts like this, but for completion's sake, here's a post that lists the specific apps and software packages that I use today.

While this blog is intended as a privacy journey diary rather than a privacy guide, most of the choices below are carefully considered, based on the advice taken from privacy experts and the final choice after a lot of experimentation with potential alternatives.


Function Application
Operating System Linux, Pop!_OS
File manager Files
Thunar File Manager
Notes Standard Notes for Linux
Browser Firefox, with uBlock Origin extension, see article
Brave Browser
Chrome Browser (only for Google accounts)
Email Tutanota Desktop, see article
Geary Thunderbird Mail
Calendar Tutanota Desktop
Terminal GNOME Terminal
Password manager KeePassXC
Music production Reaper
VPN Mullvad VPN
Encryption VeraCrypt
Crypto wallet Monero Wallet GUI
eBook library Calibre
Office suite LibreOffice, see article
Writing LibreOffice Writer
ghostwriter (for Markdown)
Text Editor
Cloud storage pCloud for Linux
Nextcloud Desktop Client
Gaming Steam


Function Application
Cloud storage pCloud online
Nextcloud (self-hosted)
Planning Nextcloud Deck
Bookmarks Nextcloud Bookmarks
Video conferencing Nextcloud Talk
Jitsi Meet
RSS, news Protopage
Search A self-hosted instance of Whoogle
Blogging Bear Blog (see very bottom of page)

Google Pixel Smartphone

Function Application
Operating system CalyxOS
Messenger Signal, see article
Browser Mull
Email Tutanota

| | K-9 Mail |(see Updates) | App Store| Droid-ify (F-Droid)| | | AuroraStore | | Password manager | KeePassDX | | Two-factor authentication | Aegis | | Podcasts | AntennaPod | | Crypto wallet | Cake Wallet | | VPN | Mullvad VPN | | Cloud storage | pCloud | | | Nextcloud | (see Updates) | Keyboard | OpenBoard | | Notes | Standard Notes | | Reading | StoryGraph | (see Updates) | Music | Tidal | | Meditation | Waking Up |

Light Phone 2 Feature Phone

Function Application
Alarm clock Alarm
Music player Music
Notes Notes
Podcasts Podcasts


Privacy and security-wise, there are a couple of apps that you probably won't see recommended by the experts, namely Steam, Protopage, Tidal and Waking Up.

I do like to steer people who enjoy reading towards The StoryGraph as an alternative Amazon and Goodreads, because it is a small company run by three people who will reply to you in person.

There is an element of trust involved in using pCloud as your cloud service. I wrote about this compromise in cloud storage here.

Current use and looking ahead

I have only listed applications that I actually use. I tend to delete any apps I don't use, so the above is a fairly complete list. I sometimes have to use video conferencing apps like Zoom or Skype because other people use them, but I turn them off by default.

As mentioned here, I run a parallel Windows 10 operating system on my laptop, but I only log into that for sound production work.

My work software and online environments are completely separated from my personal ones. I don't log into work accounts on devices for personal use and vice versa. I will write a post about this in future.


Most of my device, software and operating system decisions were informed by privacy and security experts. Please see my Links page for an overview.

For anyone interested in Whoogle, see this page.

I have published a couple of post about how I use my smartphone:


August 2023: Stopped using Thunderbird and now just use a PWA (Progressive Web Application) for hotmail. Also experiencing trouble with using the AuroraStore, now that Google is paying more attention to anonymous logins on Google Play.

February 2023: Just deleted the mail app Geary. It wasn't updating from my hotmail account. Now testing out Thunderbird Mail.

January 2023: After reading Cal Newport's book Digital Minimalism, I decided to delete a few more apps from my smartphone, including email. It is kind of surprising how much the latter has reduced the urge to check my smartphone. The only remaining addictive app on there now is Signal.

Discussion: Reddit

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